We've set out to change the nutritional supplement industry.

We believe that good nutrition is a critical cornerstone of health, but the nutrition industry has become a complicated, expensive and sometimes misleading mess. All the claims, lengthy labels and ‘miracle foods’ make it hard to include the right things in your diet!

We’ve kept the good, ditched the bad and we’re calling it Activated Nutrients.


    We wanted to bring you a supplement that provides the maximum amount of natural nutrition. Some companies claim benefits of superfoods but do not contain them in high enough quantities or quality. Other companies "spike" their products with synthetics or isolates - meaning, they're not naturally occurring from whole foods. Activated Nutrients supplements are completely non-synthetic and contain nutrients in nutritionally relevant quantities, plus they're vegan, non-GMO, soy-free and gluten-free.


    But you're not the only thing we care about. All success should be shared, so we donate a percentage of our profits to charity. We also believe that we have a responsibility to produce Activated Nutrients sustainably. We built those concerns into our production, including recycled packaging that uses 40% less energy across the product life cycle, and responsibly -sourced ingredients.


    By collaborating with leading nutritionists, health scientists and business minds, we've developed Daily Superfood for Men, Daily Superfood for Women, Daily Protein and Daily Energiser. Each supplement is carefully formulated to meet your body's needs and help you make the most of every day.


    In an age of information overload, companies usually rely on getting customers by selling a dream. We don't have to hide behind dream. All we're selling is the right ingredients in the right quantities, presented with nothing but honesty. We can't wait to share it with you!

The Devil is in the detail, and possibly your food.

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our solution: Safer, Healthier & Simpler

the first ever all-in-one* non-synthetic multi-vitamin daily superfood

Specifically formulated separately for men and women. Activated Nutrients are vegan, raw, contain no artificial sweeteners, no fillers, no binders, are non-GMO and contain two billion pre/probiotics! *includes reds, greens, protein, pre / probiotics, digestive enzymes and herbal blends.


  • Trust and Transparency
  • All-In-One
  • Nature knows best
Meet the team

The Brand Name

The name Activated Nutrients was inspired by the definition of the word activated, which is to make active. Instead of choosing ingredients based on price points and accessibility, we create our supplements with nutrients in their most active form. In other words, we only use the good stuff, no matter how rare or hard to get it is.

This is a philosophy that we carry throughout everything we do. We never compromise on quality and we're passionate about bringing our premium products to you. We honestly hope that by sharing this passion we can help get more people ACTIVATED!

Company Culture

The team behind Activated Nutrients and Health Science Innovation (HSI) take healthy living very seriously. Our five founding members have worked across the areas of entrepreneurship, corporate management, elite sport and entertainment and all have a passion for living the most healthy lifestyle possible. Activated Nutrients is the result of that passion. We channelled all of our knowledge, commitment and energy into it and it's exactly what we wanted it to be.

Not only are we proud of our product, we're also very proud of our core company values. We don't pay for endorsements because we refuse to line the pockets of people who will say anything for a price. Instead, we put our money into making industry-leading products and donate a percentage of profits to charity.

How Are We Helping?

Our philosophy is a commitment to safety and quality:

  • We're giving you an all-natural, healthy and holistic product to supplement your diet.
  • We're presenting our product with complete transparency and backing it up with science.
  • We're making nutrition easy with an all-in-one product that gives your body what it needs.
  • We're committed to experimentation and following evidence rather than market trends
  • We're passionate about health science and our formula will evolve as new scientific discoveries are madeto charity.